Giraffe Print Durag


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Made of high-quality fabric ( 95% polyester and 5% spandex ), these silky giraffe print Durags come in a pack of 3. These durag caps are made of silky, breathable and wrinkle-free fabric so these are comfortable and skin friendly. These simple yet elegant giraffe print durags have wider strap and extra-long tail (39 inches) so it can cover all hair easily. So it is perfect for wave building and the perfect size fits most head sizes (above age 12).

The giraffe print color effect makes these durags perfect for everyone for any occasion. It is a great gift option brother, friends, fathers, etc. it’s a great and versatile outdoor sports accessory, hip-hop accessory, for skating, boating, hair loss turban etc. it can also be used as a headscarf or sleep cap for daily use.

Features & Specifications:
β€’ Giraffe Print silky durag caps
β€’ Breathable, smooth & elastic
β€’ Premium quality fabric
β€’ Simple and unique design
β€’ Perfect size (long tail and wider strap)
β€’ Perfect gift

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